Folk Female
"Sim-U-Folk" is the title given to the NPC mobs created by Sim-U-Kraft. They have randomly generated names. They begin their "life" at age 18. They can die from the same things that can kill you: fire, lava, drowning, falling, etc. Your first Folk will "wander into the area" almost immediately. Once he or she has built a home for themselves and moved into that home, another folk will wander in. This will continue on. If you do not wish for any more Folks to wander in, simply do not build a home for the last one that did.

You can have your Folks to build , mine , farm , chop trees , and more. These actions are done by following the steps described in the Manual and on other pages in this Wiki. If your Folks like each other, they will move in together. In later updates, it is hopeful to have them "woohoo" and have children. Keep your Sim-U-Folks, happy, fed, and well rested and your town will grown to very high numbers!

Your new Sim-U-Folk people have basic needs. These needs cost you “Credits”. You begin with 10.00 Credits. You get more Credits when the Sim-U-Folks move in a home and pay rent every morning. So, your first step is to have your new Sim-U-Folk person build themselves a home.

Sim-U-Folks will have friendships and relationships with each other. They may even move in together and get married. Once two Sim-U-Folk are married, the wife may also get pregnant. once a Sim-U-Folk is pregnant, they will have a child in approx. 9 minecraft days. Once children are born, they will begin consuming food just like any other Sim-U-Folk, but they can not be hired until they are 18 years old.