Sim-U-Markers are used for MANY things in Sim-U-Kraft; mining, farming, lumberjacking, and copying your own buildings to share with your fellow minecrafters. (See Sim-U-Kraft Online Store)

To craft a set of three markers, you will need a stick and yellow dye.

You will only ever really need 3 markers, as they are totally re-usable. Normally, they are used in conjunction with a mining box, farming box, etc (see other pages), but they are also used on their own to do a ‘photocopy’ of a building you’ve made so that your builders can build it elsewhere.

Marker recipe
You can also share theses photocopies with others so they can get their Sim-U-Folks to build it in their world too.

Placing the markers needs to be done carefully to make sure it all works. So, here’s an example: say you’ve built a simple house. To copy your house, first place a marker (known as the “primary marker”) at the front-left corner of the building. Next, place the second marker at the front-right corner of the building-and it must be level with the primary marker! Finally, place the third marker at the back-left corner, again parallel and level with the primary marker.

Marker Placement
All markers must be on the same level and placed in that order for it to work.

One other thing to note: if your house has an overhanging roof or porch, you’ll need to place the markers out a little way to include them. Once you’ve place them correctly, go back to the primary marker and right-click. Click the “Copy structure/building” button to make a copy of the building which will be saved into the ‘other’ buildings category. The top of the building is worked out based on when there are only air blocks (nothing), so, ensure that if you are copying a building that is underground that you have a ‘layer’ of air above the roof, otherwise the rock and earth will be copied too!

Ensure that all of the markers are lined up with the air around the building and NOT the walls. There is no limit on the size of the building or structure you can copy. However, it can be difficult to place markers that MUST be level with each other, if you cannot see the other markers. Also, there is no height restrictions- but if your building is 128 blocks high, it won’t be able to be re-built elsewhere unless you build it down at bedrock level too. Markers are used for mining, farming and lumber-jacking. The placement is identical to the above, except for lumber-jacking. For that, you only need one marker which marks the center spot of where the lumberjack will start chopping. This allows you to control which trees get cut down. See the Lumberjack section for more details.

Sim-U-Kraft Tutorial 4 - Markers-0

Sim-U-Kraft Tutorial 4 - Markers-0

A single marker can be placed down in order to make a "Courier/beam" point. This allows couriers to pick up items from a chest next to a courier point, it also allows the player to "Beam" to that location. Once at least one point has been placed. Right-click on ANY control box and choose "Beam me to..." and choose the location you wish to be.

Another use for a single marker is with Lumberjacks, by default they cut down trees around the lumbermill, but placing a single marker somewhere else, then going back to the lumbermill will show a new button "Set lumber area" which will make the lumberjacks work in that area, rather than the lumbermill area. it can be a remote area if you like, as the lumberjack will simply beam out to it each morning.