A spectacular feature of this mod is the Light Block. This is an extra to light up your cities in style. Convert your old style torches into a nice bright Light Block using the recipe shown below. They look good as floor, wall, and ceiling lights- as well as lighting up paths and viaducts. They are also included in some pre-built structures- and you can of course include it in your own buildings!

Light boxes put out slightly more light than a single torch and are also waterproof, so can be place on a riverbed or used as underwater lighting.

Light Box recipe
In the current version, light boxes are now available in Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, rainbow, as well as the regular white.

To craft, place a regular white light box on the crafting table, and add the relevant dye The recipe is shapeless, so you can place the lightbox and dye anywhere on the crafting grid. Note: for the rainbow light, you will need one of each dye, along with the white light.

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