Here are descriptions of what each button inside the Constructor Block does:

“Done” – Closes the Building Constructor window and goes back to game play.

“Hire Builder” – Allows you to choose which Sim-U-Folk you want to have build.

“Choose building” – Takes you to another window to choose the type of building you wish to build. (You must have a hired worker before you can choose this option.)

“Fire worker” – Allows you to fire the worker you have using this Constructor Block. (You must have a hired worker before you can choose this option.)

“Show Employees” – Allows you to view every Sim-U-Folk that is working for you. You can see what they are doing and fire them if you want. 

'Hire terraformer' - This hires a terraformer, which will shape and mold the landscape however you'd like (see terraforming section)

'Terraform area' - once you've hired a terraformer , choose this option to make a selection of terraforming changes.

From here, you can see the name of the building, its size, the cost to build, and who made it (If downloaded from the Sim-U-Kraft Online Store). This gives you an idea how big a space you need to build in and if you have enough Credits to build it. The Page buttons at the bottom allow you to browse through the pages. And, the “Done” button at the top allows you to exit back to game play.

Where you place the Constructor is all-important and where you stand when you operate it is equally so. Place it down where you’d like the front-left corner of the building to be built. The space directly behind the Constructor is where the first block of the building will be placed and become the front-left corner of it, so when operating (right-click) the box, face the direction of where the building should be. First you need to right-click the Constructor. Then click on the “Hire worker” button to employ a Sim-U-Folk . Then click “Choose building”. There are 4 categories:

Residential - Houses for your Sim-U-Folks to live in, different sizes and shapes to choose from.

Commercial - Shops such as the Bakery to feed your hungry Sim-U-Folks.

Industrial - Workplaces such as the Lumbermill.

Other - Various other structures to decorate your town, including your own copied designs (see Sim-U-Markers)

Once you’ve chosen a building, the builder may have already arrived on the building site or be on their way. While you wait, you will need to place a chest to the left or right of the Constructor block. (Not behind it, as that is where the building will go!). You’ll then need to fill the chest with the appropriate building blocks. If you’re not sure what will be needed, wait for the builder to arrive and they will tell you want they need. You won’t need to supply ALL the blocks.

Torches and several other blocks will be provided by the builder themselves. A simple small house will need planks, glass and wool. The torch and lightbox (see Lightbox Block ) will be provided by the builder. Fill up the chest with some or all the materials needed. Any leftover building supplies can be collected after the construction. If all is well, the builder will build the building and let you know when it’s complete. At which point, you can remove the Constructor block and chest. If the building is a residence, you will notice a “control block”, usually on the front, left bottom corner of the building. DO NOT remove this block. This block is needed for a Sim-U-Folk to live in the house. Right-clicking on it will give you information about the building; it also allows you to see your employees, what they’re up to and fire them if you want.

You can hire one Folk per building site. The speed they build is based on their Level (1 to 10). For each block they place during building, they gain 1 XP point, when they reach 1000 points, they level up. The higher levels will increase their speed at building. Starting on Level 1 with no XP, they will place 1 block every 2 seconds, Level 10 (highest level) will get them placing blocks at 5 blocks per second!