Are you getting lost or bored trying to find enough sheep to use the wool in order to build your buildings? Well, search no more! Another new addition to Sim-U-Kraft is the Shepherd and their Sheep Farm. Found under the Industrial Buildings in the Constructor , the Sheep Farm will bring a Shepherd and some colorful Sheep to your town! Just build, then right-click on the Control Panel to hire a Shepherd. The Shepherd will stay with the Sheep throughout the day, shearing the Sheep and watching them. They will place all the wool inside the two chests beside the Control Panel.

In Addition to sheep farms, there are also, Chicken, Cow, and Pig farms. Once you hire someone at these farms, they will start spawning the animals, killing them for their meat, placing the meat in the nearby chests, and spawning new animals. All of the meat will then be picked up by your butchers.

Sheep farming, Melon and pumpkin farming and more!04:55

Sheep farming, Melon and pumpkin farming and more!

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